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Utah Insurance

Health & Life Division

Provide Utah health insurance consumers and licensees with regulatory services relative to product pricing, review and filing; consumer inquiries, complaints, and recoveries; and interpretation/administration of Utah law.



Name Position
Shelley Wiseman Director
Heidi Clausen Assistant Division Director
Michelle White Assistant Division Director
Ryan Jubber Health Actuary
Julie Chytraus Insurance Specialist
Carrie Blackburn Health Consumer Service Analyst
Troy Stover Health Consumer Service Analyst
Trish Jacobson Life Consumer Service Analyst
Matthew Donahoo Consumer Service Specialist
Tara Kinsinger Health Rate & Form Analyst
Brielle Rinquest Health Rate & Form Analyst
Alecia Wicklund Health Rate & Form Analyst
Jennifer Maxfield Sr. Insurance Analyst, Health
Ramona Goodwin Health Form Analyst
Galen Mills Life Rate & Form Analyst
Heather Sandberg Pharmacy Analyst
TBD Research Consultant
Vanessa Robles Research Assistant
Carrie Backus Examiner
Kathleen Jaques Examiner
Karen Maybury Examiner
Connie Nowland Examiner
William Stimpson Examiner