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Utah Insurance

Utah Insurance Department Priorities

The Utah Insurance Department regulates the insurance industry in Utah. We strive to create a healthy insurance market where insurers honor their commitments to policyholders and all licensees comply with the law.


  • An insurance market that is regulated fairly and accessible to all Utahns.


  • To protect the financial security of people and businesses in Utah.

Core Values

The Department continually works to implement four core values in all that we do. They are:

  • Fairness

    • The Department is committed to considering all views during the decision-making process and applying applicable laws in an equitable and consistent manner.
  • Transparency

    • The Department conducts business in an open and accessible manner, as legally allowed.
  • Compassion

    • People who contact the Department are looking for help. We will bring compassion to our interactions with those people by respecting and listening to them. Regardless of the outcome, each person should feel heard and understood.
  • Integrity

    • The Department will honor its commitments and follow the law, and its actions and decisions will be clear and understandable.

Strategic Plan

The Department’s strategic plan contains strategies and annual workplans designed to streamline government; improve efficiency, productivity, and customer service; and link Department plans to the state budgeting process. It provides a vision for the agency, guides agency initiatives, and informs future budgeting processes.

Work Plan

The Department reviews and updates the work plan portion of its Strategic Plan annually. Previous versions are archived below.