Life Settlement Provider

Application Process

Companies seeking to be licensed as a life settlement provider in Utah should review Title 31A Chapter 36 of the Utah Code and Administrative Rule Rule R590-222.

Requirements to be submitted to the department may be found in the Application and Checklist. Include with the application a completed Anti-Fraud Plan. Please direct any questions to Dava Ann Neal at (801) 538-3812 or dneal@utah.gov.

Form Filings

The forms to be used by a life settlement provider must be filed with the Life Insurance Division prior to use. Please direct questions regarding forms to Betsy Jerome at (801) 537-9272 or bjerome@utah.gov.

Annual Reports

The life settlement provider must file an annual report by March 1, for the previous year's completed life settlements. Please direct questions regarding the annual report to Betsy Jerome at (801) 537-9272 or bjerome@utah.gov.

Life Settlement Providers Annual Report