Renewal Instructions - Life Settlement Providers

Currently Licensed Life Settlement Providers must follow the instructions below to remain licensed by the Utah Insurance Department.

Renewal Application Process


  • The fees are no longer retaliatory. Renewal fees must be paid - electronically - annually, no later than March 1.
  • For a detailed explanation of each fee on your invoice, please see Utah Rule R590-102.

Electronic Renewal

  • You are expected to complete your renewal electronically through the department's secure payment portal. Before you begin the electronic renewal by clicking the button below, you should have a copy of the current year's invoice. From the invoice you will need the invoice number that is located in the upper right corner and the Utah ID number that is located on the upper right side of the cover letter.
  • After you have entered these two numbers, click on the submit button. At this time an address change form will appear. You will be asked to verify and make any changes to the addresses that the Utah Insurance Department has on file for the company. Once you have made the changes, click on the submit button. This will automatically update any changes to the addresses in our database.
  • At this point continue to follow the prompts to complete the renewal process.
  • You must pay your renewal fees electronically through the department's secure payment portal using either a credit card or an electronic check. You will need to have the necessary numbers and authorization before beginning the renewal process. If using:
    • a credit card you will need the credit card number, name, statement billing address and expiration date; or
    • an electronic check you will need your checking account routing number and account number found at the bottom of the company check. Your bank may need the originating ID number 0000097488 to complete an e-check transaction.
  • Any questions regarding these renewal fees should be referred to Dava Ann Neal at (801)538-3812 or Eric Showgren at (801)537-9174.

    Renewal invoices are mailed annually by the first day of February.

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