Property/Casualty Insurance
Rate & Form Filing Related Rules and Bulletins

The current text of these rules and bulletins can be viewed by clicking on these links: Rules and Bulletins


  • R590-120 Surety Bond Forms
  • R590-121 Rate Modification Plan Rule
  • R590-122 Permissible Arbitration Provisions
  • R509-124 Loss Information Rule
  • R590-127 Rate Filing Exemptions
  • R590-128 Unfair Discrimination Based Solely on the Failure to Maintain Automobile Insurance
  • R590-144 Commericial Aviation Insurance Exemptioin From Rate and Form Filing
  • R590-166 Home Protection Service Contract Rule
  • R590-190 Unfair Property, Liability and Title Claims Settlement Practices Rule
  • R590-196 Bail Bond Surety Standards and Disclosure Forms
  • R590-219 Credit Scoring
  • R590-225 Submission of Property and Casualty Rate and Form Filings
  • R590-231 Workers' Compensation Market of Last Resort
  • R590-243 Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage


  • Bulletin 86-5: "Claims Made" Liability Policy Disclosure Requirements
  • Bulletin 89-3: Loss of Income Benefit Under Personal Injury Protection Coverage, Section 31A-22-307(1)(b)(i), U.C.A.
  • Bulletin 92-7: Workers' Compensation Deductible, Reimbursement, Retention and Similar Plans
  • Bulletin 94-1 Incorporation by Reference
  • Bulletin 94-2 Procedures for Insured's Inquiries Regarding Workers' Compensation Rates
  • Bulletin 94-4 Waiver of PIP Loss of Gross Income Benefits
  • Bulletin 96-7 Frequent Problems Found In Filings - Property and Casualty Lines
  • Bulletin 99-1 Personal Injury Protection Relative Value Study Book
  • Bulletin 99-8 Waiver of Subrogation Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • Bulletin 2002-4 USA Patriot Act of 2001
  • Bulletin 2003-2 Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures For Compliance With The Provisions Of The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002.
    • Expedited Filing Transmittal Document
  • Bulletin 2007-2 Procedure for Non-Compliant Rate and Form Filings
    Bulletin 2007-3 Requirement to File Electronically
  • Bulletin 2008-1 Filing Procedures For Compliance With The Provisions of The Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension Act of 2007 (Dated 01-09-08)
    • Expedited Filing Transmittal Document.
    • Policyholder Disclosure Notice of Terrorism Ins. Coverage Form #1 & #2
  • Bulletin 2008-5a Changes to Motor Vehicle Liability Policy Minimum Limits.