Insurance Department Contact Information

Insurance Department Office Hours:

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Closed on State Holidays.

Mailing & Delivery Address:

Utah Insurance Department
State Office Building Ste 3110 / Capitol Hill Complex
450 N State St
Salt Lake City UT 84114-6901

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Directions to our Office & Where to Park

The Utah Insurance Department is located on the third floor of the State Office Building (northern most building) behind the State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City. To get to our office:

  1. Drive to 300 North State Street. The Capitol will be directly in front of you.
  2. Turn right, then left so that you drive along the east side of the Capitol Complex.
  3. Turn left into the driveway with the Public Parking sign. Parking is free.
  4. Enter the main double doors of the granite building that faces the parking lot. (The Senate Building)
  5. Go straight through the lunchroom to the doors leading onto the plaza between the four buildings.
  6. The building to your right, or to the north, is the State Office Building - your destination.
  7. Go through the 2nd floor entrance and straight ahead to the elevators. Go to the main office on the 3rd floor, Room 3110.

Insurance Department Directory

Main (801)538-3800
In-State Toll Free (800)439-3805
Consumer Service (801)538-3800
General FAX (801)538-3829
Producer Licensing (801)538-3855
Producer Licensing FAX (801)538-3830
Insurance Fraud (877)372-8315
TDD (Hearing disabled) (801)538-3826

Office of the Commissioner

Develops, establishes and implements the policy and overall operation of the department.
Telephone (801)538-3800, Toll Free within Utah at (800)439-3805, or comm.uid@utah.gov

Name Position
Todd E. Kiser Commissioner
Brett Barratt Deputy Commissioner
Tanji Northrup Assistant Commissioner
Jill White Executive Assistant
Mark Kleinfield Administrative Law Judge
Tomasz Serbinowski Actuary
Steve Gooch Information Specialist

Administration Division

Responsible for budgeting, accounting and human resources.

Telephone (801)538-3800, Toll Free within Utah at (800)439-3805, or administration.uid@utah.gov

Name Position
Patrick Lee Director
TBD Financial Analyst III
Ana Escobar Accounting Technician III
Gail Fielding Receptionist III
Diana Candelario Office Clerk III
Anna Weidauer Accounting Technician III

Bail Bond Surety Oversight Board Staff

Staff assists the Board to make written recommendations to the commissioner for rules governing bail bond (BB) surety insurance business; screens BB surety company license applications; recommends action regarding the granting, renewing, suspending, revoking, and reinstating of BB company licenses; and provides recommendation regarding investigations.

Name Position Phone
Brett Barratt Deputy Commissioner (801)538-3870
Perri Babalis Utah Attorney General's Office (Tax & Revenue Division) (801)366-0375
Tracy Klausmeier Director Property & Casualty Div (801)538-3869
Cathy Burton Analyst (801)537-9113
Kathy Archuleta P&C Rate & Form Analyst (801)538-3822
Steve Gooch Secretary/Information Specialist (801)538-3803

Captive Insurers Division

The focus of the Captive Division is to implement the Utah Captive Insurance Companies Act and promote Utah as domicile for captive insurance companies. Visit the Captive Insurers website at http://captive.utah.gov/. Email us at captive.uid@utah.gov.

Name Position
David Snowball Director
Heber Beddes Admin Assist (801) 538-3840
Pamela Sanchez Auditor II
Steven Price Auditor II
Grace Reinhart Auditor II
Laura Shepherd Auditor II
Ben Harris Auditor II
Travis Wegkamp Auditor II
Mark Wiedeman Auditor II

Examination / Solvency Division

Responsible for licensing of companies/insurers (not agencies), analysis of financial information to detect possible troubled companies, and verification of financial information submitted.

Toll Free within Utah at (800)439-3805, or examination.uid@utah.gov

Name Position
Jacob W. Garn Chief Examiner
Licensing & Administration
Eric Showgren Manager Co Lic & Admin
Jay Sueoka Financial Analyst
Dava Berlinger-Butler Company Licensing Specialist
Joe Coccimiglio Examination Division Admin Specialist
Daniel Applegarth Chief Analyst
Jaimee George Financial Analyst
Allen Hart Sr. Financial Analyst
Paul Throckmorton Financial Analyst
Teresa Trusty Financial Analyst
Weimei Ye Financial Analyst
Donald Catmull Assistant Chief Examiner
James Borrowman Financial Examiner
Joseph Boyle Financial Examiner
David Flores Financial Examiner
Aaron Phillips Exam Manager
Malis Rasmussen Exam Manager
Shane Sadler Financial Examiner
Cory Starley Financial Examiner

Fraud Division

Conducts insurance fraud investigations and prosecutes violators.
Telephone (801)531-5380, Toll Free: (877)372-8315, FAX: (801)535-2878 or fraud.uid@utah.gov.

Name Position
Armand Glick Director
Reed Kartchner Deputy Director
Dwight Christensen Deputy Director
Lisa Peterson Legal Secretary
Ginger Fitzgerald Legal Secretary
LuAnne Winters Information Specialist
Daryl Bell Assistant Attorney General
Shelley Coudreaut Assistant Attorney General
Alex Goble Assistant Attorney General
Brett Decow Fraud Investigator
Steven Jentzsch Fraud Investigator
Jason Johnson Fraud Investigator
Jeffrey Remus Fraud Investigator
Dan Rodriguez Fraud Investigator
Ned Shimizu Fraud Investigator
Rudy Van Beekum Fraud Investigator
Ryan Evans Fraud Investigator

Information Technology Services Division

Responsible for department's information systems and programs.
DTS Help Desk (801) 538-3440 or itservices.uid@utah.gov.

Name Position
Amie Hughes IT Director
TBD Director
Paul Ross Desktop Support
TBD Technical Support

Life & Health Insurance Division & Office of Consumer Health Assistance (OCHA)

Provide Utah health insurance consumers and licensees with regulatory services relative to product pricing, review and filing; consumer inquiries, complaints, and recoveries; and interpretation/administration of Utah law.

Health: Telephone (801)538-3077, In-State Toll Free (800)439-3805, or health.uid@utah.gov
Life: (801)538-3066, Toll Free within Utah at (800)439-3805, or life.uid@utah.gov

Name Position
Nancy Askerlund Director
Betsy Jerome Assistant Director
Jaakob Sundberg Health Actuary
Julie Chytraus Insurance Specialist
Michelle White Health Consumer Service Analyst
Troy Stover Health Consumer Service Analyst
Sandra Christensen Life Rate & Form Analyst
Beth Crim Life Consumer Service Analyst
Heidi Clausen Health Rate & Form Analyst
Lorry Herrera Health Rate & Form Analyst
Marilyn Thorstensen Health Rate & Form Analyst
Jordan Tolman Health Rate & Form Analyst
Russell Trujillo Health Rate & Form Analyst
Brent Oscarson Health Form Analyst
Ramona Goodwin Health Form Analyst
Jeffrey Hawley Research Consultant
Kris Buckler Research Assistant

Market Conduct Division

Conducts investigations and fiduciary audits of the insurance industry to verify compliance with insurance laws and regulations; violators referred to enforcement staff for violations of UID codes and rules.

MC: (801)538-3800, Toll Free within Utah at (800)439-3805, or market.uid@utah.gov.

Name Position
Suzette Green-Wright Director
Linda Hardy Admin Secretary
Cathy Burton Examiner
Silmara Charlesworth Examiner
Jenifer Christian Examiner
Tammy Greening Examiner
Sandra Halladay Examiner
Adam Martin Examiner
Connie Nowland Examiner
William Stimpson Analyst

Producer Licensing Services Division

Offices are on the third floor of the State Office Building, Room 3110. Responsible for licensing agents, brokers, adjusters and consultants for individual and organization (agency) licenses; including new and renewal licenses. Telephone (801)538-3855, Toll Free within Utah at (800)439-3805, FAX: (801)538-3830 or licensing.uid@utah.gov

Name Position
Randy Overstreet Director
Kris Benavidez Resident Individual License Specialist
Karon Hardman Background Licensing Specialist
Michael Covington C.E. Specialist
Angie Martinez Renewal/Reinstatement License Specialist
Heidi Petermann Non-Resident License Specialist

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Shall make available a list of PEOs; shall make rules regarding forms, and rules regarding the review and submission of financial statements.

Name Position
Tracy Klausmeier Director
Eric Showgren Manager

Property & Casualty Insurance Division

Provides information and regulation on home, auto, business and miscellaneous policies; takes consumer inquiries and complaints; performs investigations and rate and form review.

P&C: (801)538-3035, Toll Free within Utah at (800)439-3805, or prop-cas.uid@utah.gov

Name Position
Tracy Klausmeier Director
Carol Robinson P&C Technician
Sandy Glaze P&C Consumer Service Analyst
Meldee Love P&C Consumer Service Analyst
Joshua Kreeck P&C Rate & Form Specialist
Kathy Archuleta P&C Rate & Form Analyst

Title and Escrow Commission Staff

Staff assists the Commission to administer and enforce the provisions of the insurance code related to title insurance and escrow conducted by title licensees; write rules; concur with issuance and renewal of licenses, and imposed fees; determine assessment on title insurers; advise on administration and enforcement of the law; impose penalties; approve CE courses; etc.
Email: title.uid@utah.gov

Name Position
Brett Barratt Deputy Commissioner
Perri Babalis (Commission Counsel) Assistant Attorney General
Suzette Green-Wright Director Market Conduct Division
Tammy Greening Examiner
Adam Martin Examiner
Tracy Klausmeier P&C Division Director
Kathy Archuleta P&C Rate & Form Analyst
Steve Gooch Secretary/Information Specialist