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Utah Insurance

2010 Insurance Related Legislation

The following bills were passed during the 2010 General Legislative Session. Each bill number links to the enrolled (final) version of the bill. The bills took effect May 11, 2010, unless specified otherwise within the bill.

The following may not be an all-inclusive list of insurance-related bills passed during the 2010 Legislature.

For more information about the Legislature and the legislative process, visit the Utah State Legislature Web Site.

Health Related

HB 20S1: Amendments to Health Insurance Coverage in State Contracts
HB 25: Health Reform – Administrative Simplification
HB 39: Insurance Related Amendments (Dept. Bill) — Summary
HB 52: Health Reform – Uniform Electronic Standards – Insurance Information
HB 66: Prosthetic Limb Health Insurance Parity
HB 67: Health System Amendments
HB 121: Emergency Medical Services Act Transport Amendments
HB 184: Medicaid Autism Waiver
HB 197: Custodial Interference Amendments
HB 294: Health System Reform Amendments
HB 397: Medicaid Program Amendments
HB 421: Medical Financial Records Amendments
SB 39: Health Insurance Prior Authorization Amendments
SB 41: Drug Utilization Review Board Amendments
SB 145: Medical Malpractice Amendments

Property and Liability Related

HB 221: Sunset Act and Repealers Reauthorization
HB 234: Opting Out of the Real ID Act
HB 275: Division of Real Estate Amendments
HB 337: Uniform Driver License Act Amendments
HB 348: Sheriffs Fees
HB 353: Nonlapsing Dedicated Credits Amendments
HB 378: Motor Vehicle Insurance Requirements
HB 395: Limitation of Actions Amendments
HB 426: Bail Bond Licensee Representation Amendments
SB 17: Uniform Commercial Driver License Act Amendments
SB 62: Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage Amendments
SB 70: Motor Vehicle Liability Amendments
SB 105: Motor Vehicle Accident Arbitration Amendments
SB 142: Driver License Amendments
SB 145: Medical Malpractice Amendments
SB 148: Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers
SB 170: Suspension of Driving Privileges
SB 225: Motor Vehicle Insurance – Named Driver Exclusion
SB 231: Medical Benefits Under Workers’ Compensation
SB 252: Bail Bond Act Amendments

Life Related

HB 39: Insurance Related Amendments / Summary
HB 40: Utah Life and Health Ins. Guaranty Association Amend. / Summary

Miscellaneous Bills

HB 21: Expungement Revisions
HB 27: Per Diem and Travel Expense Modifications
HB 88: Electronic Cigarette Restrictions
HB 262: Reporting to Appropriation Committees
HB 263: Technical Cross Reference Revisions
SB 31: Administrative Rules Reauthorization
SB 110: Revisor’s Statute
SB 167: Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Recodification