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Utah Insurance

2013 Insurance Related Legislation

The following bills were passed during the 2013 General Legislative Session. Each bill number links to the enrolled (final) version of the bill. The bills took effect May 14, 2013, unless specified otherwise within the bill.

The following may not be an all-inclusive list of insurance-related bills passed during the 2013 Legislature.

For more information about the Legislature and the legislative process, visit the Utah State Legislature Web Site.


HB 32: Driver License Motorcycle Endorsement Amendments
HB 37: Repeal of Reporting Requirements
HB 42: Repeal of Health Insurance Mandate Review
HB 45: Reauthorization of Provisions for Insurance Coordination with Other States
HB 47: Insurance Law Amendments (Dept. Bill) — Summary
HB 65: Insurance Beneficiary Changes
HB 79: Motor Vehicle Registration and Insurance Amendments
HB 140: Consumer-Focused Health Delivery and Payment Demonstration Project
HB 146: Health Care Provider Amendments
HB 160: Health System Reform Amendments
HB 256: Reauthorization of Administrative Rules
HB 259: Insurance Amendments
HB 281: Health Discount Program Revisions
HB 292: Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and CHIP
HB 295: Electronic Proof of Owner’s or Operator’s Security
HB 320: Temporary Identification Card
HB 323: Health Insurance Prior Authorization
HB 331: Property Damage Claims
HB 391: Prohibition of Medicaid Expansion


SB 20: State Security Standards for Personal Information
SB 21: Unincorporated Business Entities
SB 59: Workers’ Compensation Coordination of Benefits Amendments
SB 90: Condominium and Community Association Amendments
SB 186: Insurance Transactions Amendments
SB 189: Oncology Insurance Amendments
SB 213: Employer Association Health Plan Amendments
SB 236: Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Amendments