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Utah Insurance

2015 Insurance Related Legislation

The following bills were passed during the 2015 General Legislative Session. Each bill number links to the enrolled (final) version of the bill. The bills took effect May 12, 2015, unless specified otherwise within the bill.

The following may not be an all-inclusive list of insurance-related bills passed during the 2015 Legislature.

For more information about the Legislature and the legislative process, visit the Utah State Legislature Web Site.


HB 19: Insurance Comparison Tables
HB 23: Insurance Licensee Amendments
HB 24: Insurance Modifications (Dept. Bill) — Summary
HB 40: Expungement Amendments
HB 76: Insurance Cancellation and Nonrenewal Amendments
HB 109: Expungement of Administrative Action
HB 141: Insurance Related Inducements
HB 152: Infertility Insurance Coverage Amendments
HB 168: Unclaimed Life Insurance and Annuity Benefits
HB 171: Motor Vehicle Insurance Amendments
HB 230: Coverage for Eosinophilic Disorders
HB 307: Medicaid Expansion Provisions
HB 336: Insurance Adjuster Amendments
HB 352: Title Insurance Reporting and Assessment Amendments
HB 370: Accident Claim Subrogation
HB 391: Utah Death with Dignity Act
HB 431: Health Sharing Ministries Amendments
HB 433: Primary Care Amendments
HB 436: Continuous Care Facilities Amendments
HB 440: Ground Transportation Services
HB 445: Bail Bond Surety Amendments
HB 446: Extension of Primary Care Network and Medicaid Benefits Under Existing 70/30 Federal/State Cost Sharing Amendments


SB 63: Workers’ Compensation Fund Amendments
SB 83: Medicaid Expansion Proposal
SB 143: Title and Escrow Modifications
SB 153: Access to Health Care
SB 161: Insurance Revisions
SB 164: Access to Health Care Amendments
SB 180: Arbitration Amendments
SB 212: Surplus Lines Insurance Modifications
SB 246: Licensing of Autism Providers
SB 265: Abuse Deterrent Opioid Analgesic Drug Products
SB 271: Health Benefit Plan Amendments
SB 288: Automobile Insurance Amendments
SB 294: Transportation Network Company Amendments


HJR 23: Joint Resolution Regarding Agritourism