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Utah Insurance

2016 Insurance Related Legislation

The following bills were passed during the 2016 General Legislative Session. Each bill number links to the enrolled (final) version of the bill. The bills took effect May 10, 2016, unless specified otherwise within the bill.

The following may not be an all-inclusive list of insurance-related bills passed during the 2016 Legislature.

For more information about the Legislature and the legislative process, visit the Utah State Legislature Web Site.


HB 19: Expungement Amendments
HB 36: Insurance Revisions (Dept. Bill) — Summary
HB 91: Insurance Rate Amendments
HB 113: Health Care Sharing Ministry Amendments
HB 116: Determination of Employer Status Amendments
HB 118: Public Access of Administrative Action Amendments
HB 163: Title Insurance Amendments
HB 174: Health Insurance — Athletic Trainer Services
HB 199: Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act
HB 230: Workers’ Compensation Fund Amendments
HB 231: Hospital Lien Law Amendments
HB 259: Substance Abuse Treatment Fraud
HB 264: End of Life Options Act
HB 282: State Contractor Employee Health Coverage Amendments
HB 297: Bail Bond Amendments
HB 302: Utah Medicaid Amendments
HB 323: Continuing Care Retirement Community Amendments
HB 364: Pharmacy Benefit Manager Amendments
HB 421: Insurance Changes
HB 424: Coordination of Health Insurance Benefit Amendments
HB 465: Expungement Act Amendments


SB 11: Cancellation of Auto Insurance Coverage
SB 12: Passenger Carrier Requirements
SB 22: Foreclosure of Residential Rental Property
SB 50: Health Code Repealer
SB 70: Insurance Modifications
SB 76: Workers’ Compensation for Volunteers
SB 77: Medicaid Expansion Proposal
SB 105: Bail Amendments
SB 138: Health Insurance Coverage for Emergency Care
SB 201: Transportation Network Company Amendments
SB 211: Private Use of Drones
SB 215: Motor Vehicle Insurance Amendments
SB 216: Workers’ Compensation Related Amendments
SB 3004: Continuing Care Retirement Community Amendments