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Utah Insurance

2023 Insurance Related Legislation

The following bills were filed during the 2023 General Legislative Session. Each bill number links to the most recent version of the bill. The bills that pass will take effect May 3, 2023, unless specified otherwise within the bill. Bills not passed are stricken.

The following may not be an all-inclusive list of insurance-related bills passed during the 2023 Legislature.

For more information about the Legislature and the legislative process, visit the Utah State Legislature Web Site.

House Bills

  • No bill file open yet (Dept’s Bill) — Summary
    • This chart summarizes the Insurance Department’s proposed amendments to the Insurance Code for the 2023 legislative session. The proposals reflect only the views of the Department. They do not represent the views of the legislature or of Representative Jim Dunnigan, the sponsor of a bill that may include some or all of the proposals. The chart is current as of 10/28/2022.

Senate Bills

  • None

Joint Resolutions

  • None

Concurrent Resolutions

  • None