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Utah Insurance

Pharmacy Drug Manufacturer Reporting Requirements

Statutory Requirements

As required by Utah Code 31A-48-103(1), drug manufacturers that are manufacturing a drug available for purchase by Utah residents with a wholesale acquisition cost of at least $100 or more for a 30-day supply are required to submit to the Utah Insurance Department the information described in 31A-48-103(1) and Utah Admin. Code R590-287 when an increase in the wholesale acquisition cost of the drug is 1) greater than 16 percent over the preceding two calendar years, or 2) greater than 10 percent of the preceding calendar year.

How to Register with the Department

As defined in Utah Code 31A-48-102(3), “manufacturer” means a person that is engaged in the manufacturing of a drug that is available for purchase by residents of the state.

As required by Bulletin 2020-10(b), to facilitate communication with pharmacy drug manufacturers and the Department, pharmacy drug manufacturers should register with the UID. Use the registration form available from the link below.

How to use the UID Pharmacy Web Portal to submit drug transparency reports

The Department has developed a web portal to provide a secure reporting process for receiving drug transparency reports.

The UID Pharmacy Web Portal is available at

The Department has created a user guide, with step by step instructions, that explain how to create an account, register your company, and upload the required information. Use the UID Pharmacy Web Portal User Guide available from the link below.