Insurance Rules

Insurance rules are issued to implement or interpret the Utah Insurance Code or federal mandates and has the effect of law.

Insurance Administration Rules (R590)

Title & Escrow Commission Rules (R592)

  • R592-1 Title Insurance Licensing.
  • R592-2 REPEALED 12-9-2015, Not Replaced Title Insurance Administrative Hearings and Penalty Imposition.
  • R592-3 REPEALED 4-11-11, Replaced by R592-15 Submission of a Title Schedule of Filing.
  • R592-4 REPEALED 4-11-11, Replaced by R592-15 Standards for Charges for Title Escrow Settlement Services and Title Fees.
  • R592-5 Title Insurance Product or Service Approval for a Dual Licensed Title License.
  • R592-6 Unfair Inducements and Marketing Practices in Obtaining Title Insurance Business.
  • R592-7 Title Insurance Continuing Education Program.
  • R592-8 Application Process for an Attorney Exemption for Title Agency Licensing.
  • R592-9 Title Insurance Recovery, Education, and Research Fund Assessment Rule.
  • R592-10 Assessment of Title Insurance Agencies and Title Insurers for Costs Related to Regulation of Title Insurance Rule.
  • R592-11 Title Insurance Producer Annual and Controlled Business Reports.
  • R592-13 REPEALED 5-1-2009 - Minimum Charges for Escrow Services.
  • R592-14 Delay or Failure to Record Documents & the Insuring of Properties with the False Appearance of Unmarketability as Unfair Title Insurance Practices.
  • R592-15 Submission of a Schedule of Minimum Charges for Escrow Services.
  • R592-16 Prohibited Escrow Settlement Closing Transactions.
  • R592-17 Requirements for Interest Bearing Accounts Used by Title Insurance Agencies for Trust Fund Deposits.