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Utah Insurance

2020 Bulletins

— 2020 —

  • New 2020-17: Filing Procedures for Compliance with the Provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2019
  • 2020-16: Coverage for COVID-19 Testing
  • 2020-15: Types of Service Contracts to be Filed
  • 2020-14: Using Raffles in Marketing Non-Title Insurance Products
  • 2020-13: Coverage for COVID-19 Testing —SUPERSEDED BY 2020-16
  • 2020-12: Requesting Exemption from the Requirements of a Principle-Based Valuation
  • 2020-11: Telehealth Considerations and R590-267, Personal Injury Protection Relative Value Study Rule
  • New 2020-10(b): Utah Code Section 31A-48-103 – Pharmacy Drug Manufacturer and Health Insurer Reporting
  • 2020-10(a): Utah Code Section 31A-48-103 – Pharmacy Drug Manufacturer Reporting —SUPERSEDED BY 2020-10(b)
  • 2020-10: Utah Code Section 31A-47-103 – Pharmacy Drug Manufacturer Reporting —SUPERSEDED BY 2020-10(a)
  • 2020-9: Utah Mental Health and Substance Abuse Parity Attestation
  • 2020-8: Suspension of Enforcement of Utah’s Vehicle, Vessel, and Trailer Registration Laws
  • 2020-7: Plan Year 2021 Filing Requirements for Health Benefit Plans and Stand-Alone Dental Plans
    • Addendum: 2021 Plan Year Rate Filing Submission Requirements for Health Benefit Plans
    • As required by Utah Code 31A-22-626(10) the cost of insulin under the Utah Insulin Savings Program is provided at
  • 2020-6: Complying with Regulatory Requirements During the Public Health Emergency
  • 2020-5: Opioid Prescribing Policy Reporting
  • 2020-4: Helping Clients and Finding New Opportunities in Coronavirus Changes
  • 2020-3: Premium Holiday for Employers that have Closed Due to the Coronavirus but Continue to Pay Employees
  • 2020-2: Guidance for Business Interruption Claims Related to COVID-19 or the March 18 Earthquake
  • 2020-1: Coverage for COVID-19