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Utah Insurance

Certified Reinsurers

If you want to become a certified reinsurer you will need to complete the application below. All completed applications must be emailed to Any applications not emailed will be rejected and sent back to the sender. When mailing the fee, please attach a hard copy of the application to the check. Applications will not be processed until payment is received.

Click here for a single .zip file of all the above forms.

NOTE: The Order Granting as Certified Reinsurer is granted for the period ending March 1 of the subsequent year, subject to annual renewal thereafter following the terms and conditions set forth in the Order. An invoice will be emailed to the reinsurer for renewal. It is the responsibility of the reinsurer to renew the application and submit the documents required by Utah Insurance code. Annual fee $500. E-commerce technology fee $50.

Rule R590-173 requires that the Insurance Department publish a list of certified insurers and their ratings. This list can be found below: