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Utah Insurance

Utah Requirements for Merger of Foreign Insurance Companies

If both merging companies are licensed in Utah, we require the company merging into the surviving company to send to the department:

  • a certified copy of the approved plan of merger from the domestic insurance department(s); and
  • the original Certificate of Authority. There is a Gold Seal in the lower left corner.

If the surviving company is not licensed in Utah, and they want to do business in Utah they will have to submit the UCAA Expansion Application to become licensed here.

If further assistance is required, please contact Dava Ann Neal at or (801) 957-9252.

In addition, the Assumption Certificate will need to be filed for approval with the applicable fees to the Insurance Division that approves the policies. See the department’s Rate and Form Filing web page. Questions regarding this process may also be made to the policy divisions:

  • Life Insurance Companies – (801) 957-9290
  • Health Insurance Companies – (801) 957-9280
  • Property Companies – (801) 957-9305