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Utah Insurance

Bail Bonds & Title

Bail Bond Producers

Bail bond producers and agencies must apply on Sircon.

List of Licensed Bail Bond Producers/Agencies

Bail Bond Oversight Board

Bail Bond Staff

Adding or Terminating a Designee to an Agency License

Fingerprinting Process for Bail Bond Licensees

*Please note that bail bond licenses are offered ONLY to residents of the State of Utah.

Title Producers and Organizations

Title producers and agencies may apply electronically on SIRCON. For procedures see the Exam & Licensing Procedures page.

When a title producer obtains a license, it will show as “active.” However, even with an active license, individual title producers are not “authorized” to do title insurance business until they are affiliated with either a title agency or title insurer. A title agency must be affiliated with a title insurer in order to be “authorized.”

Nonresident Title Producers

Nonresident producers will be issued a non-resident producer license via reciprocity if they hold the equivalent producer license and related title line(s) of authority in their resident state. Title lines of authority that are offered in the state of Utah are:

  • Title Examination (which includes authority to act as a title marketing rep)
  • Title Escrow (which includes authority to act as a title marketing rep)
  • Title Marketing Representatives

The title producer license in some states authorizes a producer to perform title search, but not title escrow. If a non-resident producer desires a title escrow line of authority in Utah, the non-resident producer will be required to complete the Utah Producer’s Examination for Title Escrow at any Prometric test center.

For Producer Licensing assistance or questions, please contact Karon Hardman at 801-537-9273 or