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Utah Insurance

2018 News

Insurance Tips for Wildfire Season

Wildfire season has arrived in Utah. Summer’s higher temperatures and lower precipitation make it easier for fires to start and harder to put out. This can increase the number of damaged structures and homes in areas affected by wildfires.

“This time of year is especially hazardous for homes near wilderness areas,” said Utah Insurance Commissioner Todd E. Kiser. “But taking the appropriate steps early in wildfire season can be helpful if you need to file a claim. I always advise taking the first step of making a home inventory as a general precaution.”

These are some common […]

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Notice of Public Hearing of American Enterprise Mutual Holding Company and American Republic Insurance Company’s Proposed Acquisition of Control of Great Western Insurance Company

Please take notice that the Utah Insurance Commissioner has received an application from American Enterprise Mutual Holding Company, an Iowa domiciled mutual insurance holding company (“AEMHC”), and American Republic Insurance Company, an Iowa corporation (“American Republic” and, together with AEMHC, the “Applicants”), to acquire control of Great Western Insurance Company, a Utah domestic insurance company (“GWIC”). The acquisition of control will be accomplished by American Republic purchasing all of GWIC’s issued and outstanding shares of capital stock from […]

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