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The Great Utah ShakeOut is Coming

Prepare for the Big One by checking your insurance coverage.

An earthquake is set to hit Utah on the morning of April 16. There will be no casualties or damage, and everyone involved will come away with a better understanding of how to respond in an emergency.

It’s the Great Utah ShakeOut, and it is slated to strike businesses, schools, government agencies and other organizations all across the State. More than 800,000 Utahns will participate in the mock-earthquake drill that takes place at 10:15 AM on April 16. The ShakeOut is an annual event that helps Utahns prepare for an earthquake.

It is also a great time to evaluate whether your insurance will cover you if the Big One hits. “Not all home or business insurance policies cover earthquake loss,” said Utah Insurance Commissioner Todd E. Kiser. “In fact, most of them do not. Earthquake insurance is a supplemental policy that covers the damage and destruction that can occur specifically from this type of disaster. It is an extra cost, but it also means extra help in case the worst happens.”

Earthquake insurance is a very good idea for Utahns who own property near an active fault, which is where earthquakes generally begin. Unfortunately, many of Utah’s most populous cities are built directly upon the Wasatch Fault, which runs along the Wasatch Front from Southern Idaho to Central Utah, and the Moab Fault, which crosses Southern Utah from Moab to the far west side of Arches National Park.

This means that approximately 90 percent of Utahns live in an active earthquake zone.

Utahns across the State should consider adding earthquake insurance to their coverage portfolio. “Geologists and other earth sciences experts predict that the Wasatch Front is long overdue for a severe earthquake,” said Commissioner Kiser. “Fortunately, preparing for the worst means you are ready when the worst happens.”

Check with your homeowners insurance provider today to find out more about their earthquake offerings. Then participate in the Great Utah ShakeOut on April 16 at 10:15 AM to practice your earthquake survival techniques. You can find more information, tips and resources at

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The Great Utah ShakeOut is Coming