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Utah Insurance

Office & Personnel Information

Insurance Department Office Hours:

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Closed on State Holidays.

Insurance Department Directory

Main: (801) 957-9200

  • In-State Toll-Free: (800) 439-3805
  • General Fax: (385) 465-6047

Insurance Fraud: (844) 373-0233

Agent & Licensee Assistance: (801) 957-9240

  • For questions about agent or agency licensing, and continuing education.

Company Licensing Assistance: (801) 957-9252

  • For questions about financial examinations and company licensing.

Health Insurance Consumer Service: (801) 957-9280

  • For consumer concerns, complaints, and independent reviews.

Life Insurance Consumer Service: (801) 957-9290

  • For consumer concerns, complaints, annuities, and credit insurance.

Property & Casualty Insurance Consumer Service: (801) 957-9305

  • For consumer concerns, complaints, auto, home, business, workers compensation, bail bonds, and title insurance.

Online 24 x 7

Mailing & Delivery Address:

Utah Insurance Department
4315 S. 2700 W., Suite 2300
Taylorsville, UT 84129


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Office of the Commissioner

Develops, establishes and implements the policy and overall operation of the department.

  • Phone: (801) 957-9200
  • In-State Toll-Free: (800) 439-3805
Name Position Phone
Jonathan T. Pike Commissioner (801) 957-9320
Tanji Northrup Deputy Commissioner (801) 957-9320
Reed Stringham Deputy Commissioner (801) 957-9320
Jennifer Heaps Executive Assistant (801) 957-9320
Jeanine Couser Administrative Assistant (801) 957-9321
Don Hansen Administrative Law Judge (801) 957-9321
Tomasz Serbinowski Actuary (801) 957-9324
Steve Gooch Public Information Officer (801) 957-9322
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Administration Division

Responsible for budgeting, accounting, and human resources.

  • Phone: (801) 957-9200
  • In-State Toll-Free: (800) 439-3805
  • Email:
Name Position Phone
Patrick Lee Director (801) 957-9220
Ana Escobar Financial Analyst (801) 957-9216
Diane Candelario Office Specialist (801) 957-9215
Debbi Nielsen Accounting Technician (801) 957-9219
Mikyung Oepping Office Specialist (801) 957-9217
Tatiana Karaivanova Financial Analyst (801) 957-9218
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Bail Bond Oversight Board Staff

Staff assists the Board to make written recommendations to the commissioner for rules governing bail bond (BB) surety insurance business; screens BB surety company license applications; recommends action regarding the granting, renewing, suspending, revoking, and reinstating of BB company licenses; and provides recommendations regarding investigations.

Name Position
Tracy Klausmeier Director, Property & Casualty Division
Randy Overstreet Producer Licensing Manager
Kathy Stajduhar P&C Rate & Form Analyst
Steve Gooch Secretary/PIO
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Captive Insurance Division

The focus of the Captive Division is to implement the Utah Captive Insurance Companies Act and promote Utah as a domicile for captive insurance companies.

Name Position Phone
Travis Wegkamp Director (801) 957-9235
Stephanie Liu Assistant Director (801) 957-9228
Kodie Vaughn Admin Assistant (801) 957-9234
Laura Shepherd Senior Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 957-9233
Heber Beddes Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 957-9226
Liliana Contreras Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 957-9236
Stacie Eyring Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 957-9227
George Hofman Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 957-9232
Yubei Lu Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 957-9229
Steven Price Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 957-9230
Grace Reinhart Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 957-9231
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Financial Regulation & Licensing Division

Responsible for licensing of companies/insurers (not agencies), analysis of financial information to detect possible troubled companies, and verification of financial information submitted.

Financial Regulation

  • Phone: (801) 957-9252
  • In-State Toll-Free: (800) 439-3805
  • Email:

Company Licensing

Producer Licensing

Name Position Phone
Jacob W. Garn Director (801) 957-9257
Weimei Ye Deputy Director (801) 957-9268
Mary Doughty Financial Analyst (801) 957-9248
Breanna Jubber Financial Analyst (801) 957-9256
McKinley Nicholas Financial Analyst (801) 957-9270
Alisha Pearcy Financial Analyst (801) 957-9271
Aiden Urban Financial Analyst (801) 957-9259
Keda Yang Financial Analyst (801) 957-9267
Stacy Zhang Financial Analyst (801) 957-9269
Malis Rasmussen Deputy Director (801) 957-9263
Cambria Shore Examination Manager (801) 957-9265
Madison Browne Financial Examiner (801) 957-9261
Natasha Robinson Financial Examiner (801) 957-9264
Alden Williams Financial Examiner (801) 957-9247
TBD Financial Examiner (801) 957-9262
Company Licensing
Jay Sueoka Company Licensing Manager (801) 957-9253
Joe Coccimiglio Financial Analyst (801) 957-9251
Dava Ann Neal Licensing Specialist (801) 957-9252
Karen Gholston Licensing Admin Specialist (801) 957-9258
Producer Licensing
Randy Overstreet Producer Licensing Manager (801) 957-9245
Angie Martinez Renewal/Reinstatement (801) 957-9244
Heidi Petermann Resident Licensing (801) 957-9246
Karon Hardman Non-Resident Licensing (801) 957-9243
Michael Covington Continuing Education (801) 957-9242
Royalyn Andrus Miscellaneous (801) 957-9241
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Fraud Division

Conducts insurance fraud investigations and prosecutes violators.

  • Phone: (801) 468-0233
  • In-State Toll-Free: (844) 373-0233
  • FAX: (801) 468-0003
  • Email:
Name Position
Armand Glick Director
Dwight Christensen Deputy Director
Jeffrey Remus Deputy Director
Monica Mejia Legal Secretary
Lisa Peterson Legal Secretary
Chelsea Will Office Specialist
Daryl Bell Assistant Attorney General
Jeff Parr Assistant Attorney General
Michael Scott Assistant Attorney General
TBD Fraud Investigator
Dylan Jacobs Fraud Investigator
Jason Johnson Fraud Investigator
Steve Newkirk Fraud Investigator
Jason Rosky Fraud Investigator
Jake Shuler Fraud Investigator
Missie Stoffel Fraud Investigator
Nick Taufer Fraud Investigator
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Health & Life Division

Provide Utah health insurance consumers and licensees with regulatory services relative to product pricing, review and filing; consumer inquiries, complaints, and recoveries; and interpretation/administration of Utah law.



Name Position
Shelley Wiseman Director
Heidi Clausen Assistant Division Director
Michelle White Assistant Division Director
Ryan Jubber Health Actuary
Julie Chytraus Insurance Specialist
Carrie Blackburn Health Consumer Service Analyst
Troy Stover Health Consumer Service Analyst
Trish Jacobson Life Consumer Service Analyst
Matthew Donahoo Consumer Service Specialist
Tara Kinsinger Health Rate & Form Analyst
Brielle Rinquest Health Rate & Form Analyst
Alecia Wicklund Health Rate & Form Analyst
Jennifer Maxfield Sr. Insurance Analyst, Health
Ramona Goodwin Health Form Analyst
Galen Mills Life Rate & Form Analyst
Heather Sandberg Pharmacy Analyst
TBD Research Consultant
Vanessa Robles Research Assistant
Carrie Backus Examiner
Kathleen Jaques Examiner
Karen Maybury Examiner
Connie Nowland Examiner
William Stimpson Examiner
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Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)

Shall make available a list of PEOs; shall make rules regarding forms, and rules regarding the review and submission of financial statements.

Name Position Phone
Jay Sueoka Manager (801) 957-9253
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Property & Casualty Division

Provides information and regulation on home, auto, business and miscellaneous policies; takes consumer inquiries and complaints; performs investigations and rate and form review.

Name Position
Tracy Klausmeier Director
Kelly Christensen Assistant Director
Martin Blanco P&C Consumer Service Specialist
Kathy Stajduhar Sr. Rate & Form Analyst
Christine Osborne P&C Rate & Form Specialist
Kyle Becker Examiner
Ryan Hashimoto Examiner
Adam Martin Examiner
Kathy Mina Examiner
Nicole Sherrod Examiner
Anna Timothy Examiner
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Title & Escrow Commission Staff

Administers and enforces the provisions of the Utah insurance code related to title insurance and escrow conducted by title licensees, approves CE courses, advise on administration and enforcement of the law, etc. Assists the Title Commission as needed.

Name Position Phone
Tracy Klausmeier P&C Division Director
Steve Gooch Secretary/PIO
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