Home, Condo & Renter Insurance

While homeowner's or renter's insurance isn't required in Utah, it is definitely a good idea. These types of policies protect your personal property and can help you get back to normal after a loss.

In addition to homeowner's and renter's insurance, this section also includes information about preparing for a disaster, filing a claim, and other types of property-related protection products.

Note that personal and financial situations change over time. Review your policies with your insurance professional to ensure your needs are met.

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10 Things To Know

Get the ten most tips and tricks before buying auto insurance.
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Auto/Home Annual Comparisons

For comparison reports, please visit our Forms page and use the filters.
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Homeowner’s Insurance

It is important to understand what is covered in your policy.
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Condo/Townhome Owners

The differences between a homeowner's policy and a condo owner’s or townhome insurance policy.
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Renter’s or Tenant’s Insurance

Renter’s or tenant’s insurance protects your personal property and personal liability needs.
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Claims Information

This information applies to claims occurring in Utah and involving Utah residents.
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Outdoor Recreation & Insurance

Assess insurance needs for the property you own, rent, or borrow when enjoying the great outdoors.
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Credit Reports

How personal auto and homeowners insurance companies use your consumer credit information.
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DIC Policies

Difference in Condition policies cover multiple perils and are good when it's hard to find a policy for your risk.
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Disaster Claims Process

What to expect when your home is damaged in a disaster.
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Disaster Preparedness

What to do before and after a disaster.
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Valid License?

Before you buy, make sure your agent or company has a valid license.
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A glossary of commonly used terms in home insurance.
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Home Warranty

Home warranties are often included when buying a home, but can be purchased separately.
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