Home Warranty Products

The standard Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) used in most home purchases contains a section where the choice or decision to have a home warranty is addressed. The home sellers may find the purchase of a warranty product to be an incentive to the home buyer to purchase the home.

Home aarranty products are offered to consumers in various other ways as well, including through mail solicitations, the Internet, etc. Unfortunately, there are warranty products that are not legitimate products. We recommend you do your homework before you buy.

The policy may contain restrictive language that limits coverage. As in all insurance policies, it is important to understand the exclusions, exceptions, and limitations. We recommend you read and understand the policy before you buy.

The person marketing, selling or offering to sell the product is exempt from the licensing requirements of the Utah Insurance Department.

A home warranty product in Utah can only be issued, sold, or offered by an authorized insurer, or surplus lines carrier recognized by the Department. You can use our Licensee Search tool to make sure the home warranty company you're considering is licensed in Utah.

If you have questions about home warranties, please contact the Utah Insurance Department’s Property & Casualty Division.

It is always advisable to request a copy of the completed, signed application. Representations made in the application may impact your coverage.