Credit Life & Health

Filing instructions

General statement

The Utah statutory provisions for filing insurance policy forms, rates, and rating plans vary by type and line of insurance. Refer to the “Filing Procedure Instructions” section included in the appropriate rules and bulletins listed below.

Filing electronically

Effective July 1, 2007, the Utah Insurance Department will only accept electronic filings. All filers, except those specifically exempted in Bulletin 2007-3, must file using SERFF.

Filing submission rule

Notice regarding 2009 credit report

Personnel Directory

Notice: Annual credit report filing for the Four Year Loss Ratio, as outlined pursuant to Utah Administrative Rule R590-91-10, will not be required to be filled until requested as outlined in Utah Administrative Rule R590-228-8.

Life content standards

Content standards are now available for insurers to use as a resource when preparing life insurance rates and forms for filing in Utah. The standards are a compilation of Utah insurance code and rule requirements for provisions in life insurance policies, annuity contracts, and credit life insurance and credit accident and health insurance policies. These standards are not intended to be all-inclusive. Insurers must refer to the specific code and rule citations for the complete references. As required by Utah Code Annotated 31A-21-201(2), the insurer is responsible for assuring that forms and rates submitted comply with Utah Insurance Code and Rules.