Personal Injury Protection & Relative Value Study

Since 1990, the Insurance Department has produced a relative value study (RVS) to determine the reasonable value of medical expenses for automobile personal injury protection (no-fault) coverage, as required by Subsection 31A-22-307(2) opens in a new tab of the Utah Code. The study is updated every two years.

Through 2011, the Department published the Relative Value Study book. In 2013, the book was replaced by Rule R590-267 opens in a new tab, Personal Injury Protection Relative Value Study Rule. Enforcement of the rule began January 1, 2014.

The rule contains seven conversion factors that are updated every two years. These factors are to be multiplied against appropriate CPT or dental code unit values found in the Relative Values for Physicians (RVP), and the Relative Values for Dentists (RVD) publications. Both of these publications are adopted by this rule. Contact information for the purchase of these publications can be found within the rule.

Optum360 is offering a 50% discount on the RVP and RVD data files to customers with a Utah address. Please consult the rule to ensure that you order the correct version.

RVP and RVD Data Files:

To purchase the RVP or RVD data file, call (800) 464-3649, choose option 1, and reference promo code 000018GX.

Data files must be ordered by phone. The discount applies only to a single-user license. A data profile form is required. A multi-user license is available.