Bail Bond Agency Application

Process for obtaining permission to operate a bail bond agency

Obtaining permission to operate a bail bond agency is a 2-step process. The first step is to apply for and receive a bail bond agency license. Under the second step, the agency or the agency’s surety insurer must file all forms that will be used in conducting the bail bond business. Please read the following for details on this process.

Step 1. Applying for and receiving a bail bond agency license.

  • An online application for a bail bond agency license is available and filed through SIRCON opens in a new tab. A $260 application fee is paid online with a credit card when filing the application.
  • An applicant must also submit documents showing that the financial requirements for conducting a bail bond business are satisfied. Those documents are described in Utah Code §§ 31A-35-401 through -404.
  • Unlike the application, the financial documents are submitted to the Insurance Department at email
  • A complete application will be presented to the Bail Bond Oversight Board for review at its quarterly meeting. (The financial documents will not be presented.) The Board will decide whether to recommend approval or denial.
  • If an application is approved, a copy of the license may be printed from SIRCON opens in a new tab.
  • No refund will be issued for a denied application.
  • Bail bond agency license renewals must be submitted annually on or before August 31.

Step 2. Filing forms that will be used in conducting bail bond business.

For questions about initial bail bond agency licensing, please contact the department’s Producer Licensing group at email, or call Heidi Petermann at (801) 957-9246 or Randy Overstreet at (801) 957-9245.

For questions about filing forms, please contact Kathy Stajduhar at email or (801) 957-9305.