Pharmacy Benefit Managers

As required by Utah Code § 31A-46-301 and Rule R590-282, every Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) operating in the State of Utah is required to be licensed and submit an annual report. Below are two sets of links. To obtain an license, use the licensing links below.

For information on how to complete and file the annual PBM report, use the link for the Utah Pharmacy Benefit Manager Report.

Authority to license

  1. Utah Code 31A-46 — Pharmacy Benefit Manager Licensing Act
  2. Rule R590-282 — Pharmacy Benefit Manager Reporting
  3. Rule R590-102-18 — Insurance Department Fee Payment Rule, Pharmacy Benefit Manager Licensing

Licensing forms

The licensing period for PBMs begins on April 1 each year and ends on March 31 of the following year.

Send Applications by email or postal mail to:

Utah Insurance Department
Company Licensing
4315 S. 2700 W., Suite 2300
Taylorsville, UT 84129

Licensing questions should be directed to:

Joe Coccimiglio at (801) 957-9251 / email
Jay Sueoka at (801) 957-9253 / email