Utah is a business friendly state and has grown to be the second largest domicile of captive insurance companies in the United States. The business friendly environment fostered in Utah makes it a great place to domicile a new captive insurance company to insure your business’ risks.

Domiciling a captive insurance company in the United States instead of off-shore has been encouraged through more stringent federal laws. Many companies are now looking for the most favorable on-shore domicile for their existing captive in the United States.

Research whether a captive domiciled in Utah would be the best match for your company.

Captive and Risk Retention Groups

Learn about captive insurance, explore various types of captive, and discover risk retention groups.
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Captives - Knows the Basics

Dive into captives, including types of captive, associated costs, and annual filing requirements.
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Formation Decision Issues

Consider whether a captive is right for your organization, including risk management strategies.
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Other Information

Explore additional information about the captive market and other relevant insights.
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