Beware of COVID-19 Car Insurance Scams

April 14, 2020

The Utah Insurance Department’s Fraud Division is cautioning Utah drivers about potential car insurance fraud that may take place during the current health crisis.

Staged Accidents: Scammers set you up for an accident to make an insurance claim. Fewer drivers mean fewer witnesses.

Auto Repair Fraud: Scammers charge excessive fees for disinfecting & cleaning vehicles due to COVID-19. Be suspicious of high fees for cleaning and storage.

Phantom Victims: People not in the car during the accident attempt to file injury claims, hoping for a quick settlement with no investigation. Make sure to exchange ALL relevant information after an accident.

Be vigilant, and contact the Fraud Division if you believe you may have been a victim of insurance fraud.

By phone: (801) 468-0233 or (844) 373-0233
By email: Armand Glick,

COVID-19 Car Insurance Scams