Workers’ Compensation

General information

With few exceptions, Utah employers are required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Coverage is available from a large number of insurance companies.

The Utah Insurance Department’s role in workers compensation has to do with administrative and regulatory responsibilities regarding these insurance companies. Our role includes timely payment of claims. However, we are unable to assist in situations where there are disputes over what is owed, or if the procedure or service is related to the work injury. We are unable to assist with wage claim issues, unless the payment is late, with no extenuating reasons. In most instances, problems, concerns, or questions related to a workers’ compensation injury will need to be discussed with the Utah Labor Commission.

Workers’ compensation-related code, rules, and bulletins

Specific Laws

This list is for your convenience only and should not be considered comprehensive.

For a searchable database of all Utah insurance laws, please see the Utah State Code.

  • 31A-1-301 Definitions
  • 31A-17-402 Valuation of Liabilities
  • 31A-19a-404 Designated rate service organization
  • 31A-19a-405 Filing of rates and other rating information
  • 31A-19a-406 Filing requirements for designated rate service organization
  • 31A-19a-407 Cooperation among rating organizations and insurers
  • 31A-21-101 Scope of Chapers 21 and 22
  • 31A-21-111 Insurers to follow terms of policy
  • 31A-22-303 Motor vehicle liability coverage
  • 31A-22-305 Uninsured motorist coverage
  • 31A-22-309 Limitations, exclusions and conditions to personal injury protection
  • 31A-22, Part 10 Workers’ Compensation Insurance Contracts
    • 31A-22-1001 Obligation to write workers’ compensation insurance
    • 31A-22-1002 Duration of coverage
    • 31A-22-1003 Comprehensive coverage
    • 31A-22-1004 Direct enforcement by employees
    • 31A-22-1005 Payment as bar to recovery
    • 31A-22-1006 Insurer’s constructive knowledge
    • 31A-22-1007 Employer’s insolvency
    • 31A-22-1008 Employer’s breach of safety rules
    • 31A-22-1009 Other applicable provisions
    • 31A-22-1010 Workers’ Compensation deductible policies
    • 31A-22-1011 Workers’ Compensation coverage waivers
    • 31A-22-1012 Workers’ Compensation insurance availability
    • 31A-22-1013 Department report on workers’ compensation
  • 31A-26-103 Workers’ compensation claims
  • 31A-31-107 Workers’ compensation insurance fraud
  • 31A-33 Workers’ Compensation Fund
    • 31A-33-101 Definitions
    • 31A-33-102 Establishment of the Workers’ Compensation Fund and the Injury Fund
    • 31A-33-103 Legal nature of Workers’ Compensation Fund
    • 31A-33-104 Workers’ Compensation Fund exempted
    • 31A-33-105 Price of insurance- Liability of state
    • 31A-33-106 Board of directors– Status of the fund in relationship to the state
    • 31A-33-107 Duties of board– Creation of subsidiaries — Entering into joint enterprises
    • 31A-33-108 Powers and duties of chief executive officer .
    • 31A-33-109 Liability limited
    • 31A-33-110 Audits and examinations required
    • 31A-33-111 Adoption of rates
    • 31A-33-112 Withdrawl of policyholders
    • 31A-33-113 Cancellation of policies
    • 31A-33-114 Premium assessment
    • 31A-33-115 Interest and costs of collecting delinquent premium
    • 31A-33-116 Dividends
    • 31A-33-117 Availability of employers’ reports
    • 31A-33-118 Scope of chapter
  • 31A-40-209 Workers’ compensation

Specific Rules

Insurance rules are issued to implement or interpret the Utah Insurance Code or federal mandates and has the effect of law. This list may not contain all the rules relevant to Property and Casualty.

To see the current text of these rules and to see all department rules please visit the rules section.

  • R590-231 Workers’ Compensation Market of Last Resort

Specific Bulletins

Bulletins are informational and provide guidance as to how the Department will enforce the insurance code. This may not contain all bulletins relevant to Property & Casualty.

For a complete list of all department bulletins please visit the bulletin index.

Worker’s compensation loss cost multipliers list

This list is a compilation of filed workers’ compensation loss cost multipliers. No warranties or representations as to its accuracy are provided. Company filings are subject to change. The list is updated periodically.

There is a $5.00 charge for this list. The list will be sent to you via email unless otherwise requested.

To obtain a copy of the list email the Property and Casualty Division at