Division Policy & Training Regarding Use of Force

The Utah Insurance Department Fraud Division (IFD) is a state law enforcement agency employing POST-certified law enforcement officers. The IFD is a targeted law enforcement agency created for the express purpose of investigating insurance fraud and all associated crimes that may occur during these types of criminal episodes.

The IFD is committed to protecting the public from insurance fraud related crimes while treating those whom we investigate with courtesy, fairness, and respect.

IFD investigators receive annual training in excess of 40 hours, which includes:

  • Firearms, Taser, and OC Spray: Officers train, test, and certify on firearms, use of force, arrest control tactics, and less lethal systems several times annually. The training and testing is both academic and practical.
  • De-escalation: Officers attend de-escalation training annually. They are instructed in the best practices, recent research, and participate in virtual training simulations.
  • Implicit bias awareness: Officers are trained on bias awareness and instructed to enforce the law equally, fairly, objectively, and without discrimination toward any individual or group.

IFD policies include the following:

  • Use of Force: All uses of force require full documentation and reporting.
  • Investigation of Excessive Force: All allegations or complaints of use of excessive force will be fully and impartially investigated.
  • Investigation of Officer Involved Critical Incidents: The investigation of any IFD officer involved critical incident will be investigated by an outside agency, and will be investigated professionally, thoroughly, and impartially.
  • Duty to Intervene: Officers who witness another officer using force that is clearly beyond that which is objectively reasonable under the circumstances shall, when in a position to do so, intercede to prevent the use of unreasonable force.
  • Duty to Report Excessive Force: Officers who witness another officer’s use of force that exceeds the degree of force permitted by law must promptly report their observations to a supervisor.
  • Use of Chokeholds, Carotid Control Holds, Strangleholds are Prohibited: Officers are not trained on neck control holds of any type, and are prohibited from using such.

The following policies are provided for public access: