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About the Utah Captive Insurance Division

The focus of the Utah Captive Insurance Division is to implement the Utah Captive Insurance Companies Act and promote Utah as a domicile for captive insurance companies. We believe that a multitude of businesses can take greater control of their own insurance risks through a properly organized captive insurance company here in Utah. Our captive infrastructure is rapidly developing and a Utah captive is a great solution for meeting risk management needs.

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  • As of December 31, 2017 four hundred and eighty six (486) captive insurance companies, including cells, have selected Utah as their domicile of choice.
  • Currently, Utah is the second largest onshore domicile for number of licensed captives.
  • Industry Type - Utah Domiciled Captives as of December 31, 2017.
Industry Type # Industry Type #
Agricultural 19 Construction 63
Energy 12 Financial 37
Healthcare 80 IT/Telecomms 8
Manufacturing 63 Other 25
Professional Services 67 Real Estate 45
Retail 36 Transportation 31
  • Utah Domiciled Captives in the U.S. - as of December 31, 2016.
Captive Region # Captive Region #
Midwest 146 Northeast 37
Pacific 142 South 35
Southwest 40 West 86

Captive Division

Utah Captive Insurance
State Office Building, Suite 3110
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Name Position Phone
Travis Wegkamp Director (801) 537-9294
Mark Wiedeman Assistant Director (801) 538-3849
Kodie Vaughn Admin Assistant (801) 538-3840
Laura Shepherd Senior Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 538-9546
Heber Beddes Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 538-3845
Torann Bender Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 538-3839
Stephanie Liu Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 537-9160
Yubei Lu Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 538-3851
Steven Price Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 537-9110
Grace Reinhart Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 538-3542
Pamela Sanchez Captive Insurance Specialist (801) 538-3808