HB205 Veteran Claim Assistance Disclosure

July 21, 2015

Utah Insurance Producer/Consultant,

This letter is to inform you of state and federal laws regarding providing VA claims assistance to veterans. A new state law effective July 1, 2015, H.B. 205, Veteran Claim Assistance Disclosure, stipulates that you must disclose in writing the federal laws, regulations, and rules governing assistance for VA benefits whenever providing assistance for VA benefits to military veterans.

As insurance producers and consultants sell and give advice to veterans, it is essential that you are aware of and in compliance with Title 38 Veterans’ Benefits C.F.R (Code of Federal Regulations). These regulations govern individuals providing VA claims assistance and the representation of VA claimants to ensure those veterans have responsible, qualified representation in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for veterans’ benefits. Federal law restricts charging a veteran, or a member of the veteran’s family, a fee for assisting in the initial application for VA benefits.

Any individual providing VA benefits claims assistance must be accredited by the VA, and must complete a required disclosure form. This disclosure form, when complete, must be signed by both you and the VA claimant; retained by you for three years, and copies provided to the veteran on the day the form is completed and to the Utah Department of Military Affairs (UDVMA) within five working days. The only authorized disclosure format for this requirement is UDVMA Form 1. More information and an electronic link to UDVMA Form 1 and to H.B. 205 can be found at: http://veterans.utah.gov/va-benefits-claims-assistance/.

For more information on how to become accredited and to find contact information for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, please visit the VA’s website located at: http://www.va.gov/ogc/accreditation.asp. Additionally, the Utah Department of Veterans & Military Affairs can be contacted for possible assistance at 801-326-2372 or veterans@utah.gov.

To those providing VA claims benefit assistance, thank you for serving Utah’s veterans.


Producer Licensing Division

H.B. 205 Veteran Claim Assistance Disclosure