Insurance Department Distributes $25 Million to Arches Claimants

October 29, 2021

Providers have been waiting for liquidation process to run its course

Insurance Commissioner Jon Pike, acting as liquidator of Arches Mutual Insurance Co., by and through his special deputy liquidator Stillman Consulting Services LLC, is pleased to announce that checks are being sent to Arches’ medical providers for 100% of their approved claim amounts. In all, 1,997 checks are being cut to disburse $25 million to medical providers.

“This is great news for medical providers who have had outstanding claims with Arches for the past six years,” said Commissioner Pike. “Litigation with the federal government has taken a long time, and I am pleased that we’re finally able to make this distribution.”

Further payments to other claimants are forthcoming, pending verification and court approval of their claim amounts. More information about the Arches liquidation is available at


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Insurance Department Distributes $25 Million to Arches Claimants