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Utah Insurance

Health Discount Programs

Health discount programs are required to be licensed under Utah law.

The license expires annually on December 31 and may be renewed in accordance with 31A-8a-202(2).

The program may be operated or marketed by a licensed producer. The licensed producer is required to be licensed as a discount program operator or marketer, as well as a producer, to offer this product.

A licensed accident and health insurer or health maintenance organization is not required to obtain a health discount program license. The insurer or HMO is required to comply with all other provisions of Title 31A-8a.

Purchasers of these programs are obligated to pay for all health care services. They will receive a discount for services rendered by those health care providers who have a contract with their health discount program.

Click the appropriate link to see a current list of licensed discount program Operators and Marketers. (If a name does not appear on the list, please search the Department’s website.)

The applicant understands that providing false, misleading or incomplete information in connection with the application is grounds for administrative action that may include denial or revocation of the license.

Health discount programs are NOT health insurance. Program participants are obligated to pay for all health care services. Participants receive a discount for services only with health care providers who have a contract with the health discount program operator they are contracted with.

Contact Joe Coccimiglio for questions and application submission at

For renewals, please review the health discount program renewal instructions, located here.